This is the home of a BF Joust hill running on the #esoteric IRC channel in freenode.

For more details on the game, see the BF Joust and BF Joust strategies pages at the esolangs wiki.

Current scores

The score table and result matrix, as well as a breakdown report and a game viewer, are available — if your browser is compatible enough with the client-side fanciness. If not (or if you prefer a more austere view), the old-fashioned report.txt and breakdown.txt files are also an option.

How to participate?

For serious use, consider joining the #esoteric IRC channel (on freenode). The command to use is !zjoust name_of_your_program your_code_goes_here. If your program is larger than what comfortably fits in an IRC message, write an URL instead. The zemhill bot should respond and tell you how things went.

If you want to tune your program before submitting, the !ztest name code command is available. It is otherwise identical to !zjoust, except does not really submit your program. You can do this by private message to zemhill if you want.

You can also try the game out using the form below (if it works), but then you won't get your name on the leaderboards — all submissions via the form are considered to be owned by web.